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Everdon Parish Council Statement

Due to the current health crisis requiring social distancing, actual meetings will only resume when restrictions have been lifted.  In the meantime, Everdon Parish Council will meet, as usual, every 2nd Monday monthly, except for August, using Zoom Video / Audio Conferencing facilities.

Meeting agendas will display joining details.  Members of the public and press are invited to attend and will be given the opportunity to participate in (3) Public Open Forum when, in terms of paragraphs 3d to 3k of our Standing Orders, a member of the public is entitled to speak only once on agenda items, for no longer than 3 minutes. The total period of time for public participation, which is at the Chairman’s discretion, shall not exceed 10 minutes.

Whilst it is vitally important for all residents to adhere to the instructions of the Government, if anyone is aware of a neighbour or resident who is in need of assistance, please do not hesitate to pass on their details to the Community Group or any member of the Parish Council. Contact details of all Councillors are listed below and in the latest Newsletter.

Please remember that this health crisis will not last indefinitely, but whilst it is prevalent, we should all remain vigilant and follow Government advice, as closely as possible.

In the meantime, please look out for each other and keep well.

With best regards

Everdon Parish Council                                                          5 May 2020

Erica Fothergill (Clerk) 310864 clerk@everdonpc.co.uk
Kevin Nichols (Chairman) 361657 cllr.nichols@everdonpc.co.uk
Ron Flounders (Vice Chairman) 361868 cllr.flounders@everdonpc.co.uk
Peter Bowman 361450 cllr.bowman@everdonpc.co.uk
Peter Cooper 361366 cllr.cooper@everdonpc.co.uk
Shaen Linfoot 361396 cllr.linfoot@everdonpc.co.uk
David Osborne 361317 cllr.osborne@everdonpc.co.uk
Keith Wilkins 361026 cllr.wilkins@everdonpc.co.uk
Will Willits 361589 cllr.willits@everdonpc.co.uk